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Arbor – Autumn Census Guidance

By 27th September 2022No Comments
Dear Colleague,

Could I please draw your attention to the following important school census information this is based on current guidance (21/09/22). If there is additional information, we will make customers aware via email as well as updating the news section on our website

Census Dates

  • Autumn Census Date: Thursday 6 October 2022
  • Free School Meal Eligibility collection period: 20/05/22 to 06/10/22
  • Attendance Collection period: 18/04/22 to 31/07/22
  • Exclusions Collection period: 01/01/22 to 31/07/22
  • Alternative Provision Placements collection period:19/05/22 to 06/10/22
  • Funding & Monitoring collection period: 01/08/22 to 06/10/22
  • Learner Support collection period: 01/08/21 to 19/05/22
  • Age at date: 03/08/2022
  • Deadline for submission to DFE via collect: 02/11/22/22 (LA deadlines may differ please check with them for dates)

Documentation to assist with preparing and producing the school census by clicking on this link School Census Guides there is also a link to Arbor’s on the day error code section On the Day census errors .

Key Dates What you need to do
Census Dry run opens Thursday 22nd September 2022
  • Prepare your data
  • Watch your Dry Run webinar
  • Complete the Preparation Checklist
  • Run a Dry Run
  • Resolve any errors in batches then regenerate your census as many times as you need to
Census Day is Thursday 6th October 2022
  • Watch your census day webinar
  • Run your Census Return
  • Add in your on-the-day information
Census Submission Deadline is Wednesday 2nd November 2022
Unless told otherwise by your LA
  • Check your Census Return
  • Download the census to your computer
  • Upload to COLLECT
  • Complete the Completion Checklist
Arbor Updates for the census
  • Add Alternative Provision placements at companies.
  • For the Spring 2023 census, you can note if a student is a Young Carer.
  • Also for the Spring 2023 census, you can record your School’s Weekly Hours Open.
Changes to the census this academic year in Arbor
There are no major changes to the School Census for the Autumn Census 2022, aside from:
  • In response to changes made by the DfE Arbor have introduced a new area National Tutoring Programme Student Funding Type, and deactivated School Led Tutoring Programme. Don’t worry, you don’t need to update to the new type, as the hours page and your School Census will output correctly with either funding type. You can read further details here.
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  • Arbor have also created two new In Care Statuses for inside England or Wales and outside England or Wales to replace Adopted from care. You can still report on the old status in Students > Demographics > Looked After (In Care) and your existing reports in the Custom Report Writer. For the Census and to create new reports, you must replace the old status with one of the new ones, or you’ll receive errors in the Autumn School Census.
There are some additional pieces of data schools will need to report in the Spring 2023 Census – Young CarerSchool hoursAlternative provision company details. You do not need to add these now, but they will be required for the Spring Census.

We also wanted to draw your attention to upcoming School ICT Census webinars and Training courses which are taking place over the coming weeks:

  • 23/09/22 Post 16 Census – Arbor Webinar.  This is a free event which covers tips on preparing for running the Autumn School Census in Arbor for Post 16 Schools. To Book please click on the following link:
  • 26/09/22 Census online – Primary and secondary training is available for School Census.
  • 20/10/22 School Workforce Census.
Booking for the above is available via

Arbor are also running a series of webinar events which can accessed by clicking on the links below: –

School Census

School Workforce Census

Should you need any help or assistance with any of the above please call the School ICT helpdesk on: 0345 222 6802 – Option 1, log a ticket via the Customer Portal or e-mail:

Kind regards,

School ICT.