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YoutubeTutorials disclaimer!


Just a heads up…

With all the posts on this blog I’m not really doing tutorials. Just sharing ideas and enthusiasm. If you want to know the mechanics of how to use the features of any app/website/program I write about then here’s what I recommend:

  1. Google something like this. “iMovie – how to split clips”. You will be inundated with pages and pages of people explaining how to do whatever it is you are looking for. Even better, there will pretty much always be an American man on YouTube who will show you a video of how to do it step by step. They can usually explain things much better than me!
  2. Go wild and don’t look at the software you’ve heard about until you arrive at the lesson and with those 30 eager faces looking at you to impart your wisdom. Scary thought? Well some of the best tech lessons I have seen have been when students and the teacher have been learning collaboratively alongside each other. Apps certainly are designed to be intuitive – playing around with them, making mistakes and showing that growth mindset is absolutely the best way to learn a new piece of software. I’d see that “exploration” lesson as extremely valuable learning time for both teacher and pupils, especially if the plenary is used to discuss what has been learned and how the software could be adapted to support learning in other lessons in the future.

If Step 2 doesn’t work see Step 1 again and teach children to independently look for the answers to their queries themselves. Honestly this kind of lesson can be so exciting and educationalists that take this approach often deliver better learning than so called “experts” who pretty much just like hearing the sound of their own voice and have pre-supposed expectations for how these apps should be used. Jog on experts. Be creative and explore.

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