Online Training

Our Remote Training Courses

School ICT are able to deliver a selection of training courses remotely. Each course will be run by two MIS consultants, one will deliver the content whilst the other will assist with helping delegates with any issues or questions to ensure you get the most out of the training course. The courses will follow the same format as a scheduled formal course and will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. You will receive the same training notes electronically which are yours to keep and will have access to a remote training database, if required during the course.

Morning/Full Day Course Schedule

From 08:45 to 09:25 delegates will be emailed to set up the ISL remote connection and we will use this to connect the training database (if required) and assist with any technical issues.

Delegates will have received an e-mail to join the Teams meeting. Please be in the waiting room for 09:25 as training commences at 09:30.

12:30 Morning training finishes (approximately).

Afternoon Course Schedule

From 12:15 to 12:55 delegates will be e-mailed to set up the ISL remote connection and we will use this to connect the training database (if required) and assist with any technical issues.

Delegates will have received an e-mail to join the Teams meeting. Please be in the waiting room for 12:55 as training commences at 13:00.

16:00 Afternoon/full day training finishes (approximately).

Breaks will take place mid-morning, lunchtime and mid-afternoon as appropriate.

Course Pre-requisites

  • Access to a stable internet connection.
  • Ideally delegates will have two monitors, but delegates can split their screen if you only have access to one. (We will provide instructions on how to split the screen).
  • Delegates will be able to access a training database provided by School ICT if required, School ICT would therefore need access to remote into your workstation via ISL Online. This is our usual way of providing remote support to customers. If you have not used ISL before please call our Helpdesk (0345 2226802) to setup a test connection before the day of the course.
  • Delegates will need access to use remote desktop from their workstation to access the training database, where required. This can be checked prior to the course either by calling our Helpdesk (0345 2226802 or checking with your IT engineer). Delegates can choose if they would prefer, to view the course rather than actively participating using a training database or in some instances use their own SIMS database. 
  • Courses are delivered live, therefore delegates must be on time and available undisturbed for the duration of the course. If courses are scheduled for multiple days, you must be available for all dates/times to complete the course.

You must have a headset to listen to the training and ideally a microphone and camera. If you don’t have a microphone then you can put any questions/comments in the chat in Teams.

If the course you wish to attend is full, please e-mail and we will add you to our waiting list. If we have a cancellation, you will be offered a place. If we have enough demand on the waiting list then we will add extra course dates.

If you wish to attend a course which is not on our current training schedule, please e-mail and let us know.

Our courses are available to anyone currently working in a school. SLA prices are for customers who have a current Service Level Agreement with School ICT Services.

Please click an event to view more info.


School ICT Services is happy to accept course bookings from any school.

The costs for scheduled courses for schools are as follows:


(SLA Schools)

(Non SLA Schools)

Half Day


Full Day







(SLA Schools)

Half day



Full day


(Non SLA Schools)

Half day



Full day


Standard Courses

We offer a full range of and FMS training courses throughout the academic year. These are particularly useful for new staff  or staff  who have changed roles but are also invaluable for the successful introduction of new modules.

Many courses are available every half-term where some are offered on a seasonal basis to coincide with their use during then year e.g. Exams and NOVA.

Training is also offered to individuals keen to explore a career in school administration and would like to familiarise themselves with the SIMS suite of applications.

On-Site Training

We have a mobile training suite that allows us to deliver on-site training courses for up to 10 people at any appropriate location around the country.

Use of the mobile training facility is advantageous if:

  • You want large groups of staff trained on a training day (either as a single course or a shorter session delivered several times to smaller groups)
  • You require a course tailoring to your specific needs
  • If you would like some on-site training, please call or e-mail our help desk to discuss your requirements.



Once you have received the password for the training notes, you will be charged in full. Should you wish to withdraw the following cancellation terms and conditions will no longer apply 

Notice (working days)* Cost
6 or more days No charge
5 days or less** £20
2 days or less 50% of cost of the course
0 days  Full cost of the course

*Any cancellations prior to 12pm is classed as that working day. Anything after 12pm is classed as the next working day.

**Should you reserve a place within 5 days of the course date, cancellation fees still apply.