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With Arbor support from School ICT you will have access to our ‘best in class’ education data consultants. Our team has over 250 years of collective experience across education, local authority and MIS support settings. This, coupled with our experience of delivering data services to nearly 1,000 contracted schools, means that you can be assured of receiving the best possible support and advice. We work with you to ensure that you and your colleagues are able to work more efficiently and your use of data can be maximised to inform school improvement.


About Arbor

Used by over 1,700 schools and trusts across the country to work more easily and collaboratively. Designed with schools like yours, it’s the fastest growing MIS today.

School ICT is an accredited Arbor MIS Support provider

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About Arbor

Used by over 1,500 schools and trusts across the country to work more easily and collaboratively. Designed with schools like yours, it’s the fastest growing MIS today.

We are an accredited Arbor MIS Support

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What our support covers

Implementation and Migration Support

Having been involved in a number of MIS migrations over the years we know how important it is to have a smooth transition from one MIS to another. To support you with this, we will be there with you at every step of the migration process, working in partnership with yourselves and Arbor to ensure a smooth and successful migration, making sure that your data is ready with housekeeping checks, including: –

  • Consultation on ensuring you’re choosing the best MIS for your establishment
  • Housekeeping and data retention session to ensure your data is cleansed and ready to migrate
  • Bespoke reports to allow you to check and fulfil the migration requirements
  • Dedicated consultant to guide you through the whole transition

Guidance and support outside of your MIS from our team of experts including: –

  • Census Support
  • Post 16 help and guidance
  • Support with DfE websites such as COLLECT
  • Newsletters with DfE guidance to keep you up to speed on the latest key dates, deadlines and changes
  • Dedicated e-mail updates around key times such as census
  • Arbor Online Community
  • Arbor Seasonal Instructional Webinars available for our all our customers
  • Arbor Self Service eLearning Platform
  • Access to the Arbor Help Centre
  • Regular communications regarding DfE statutory requirements, (including changes), upcoming tasks with deadlines and other relevant MIS news

Unlimited access to the School ICT MIS Helpdesk from 08.00am – 17.00pm Monday to Friday via: –

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Customer Portal
  •  4 hr Response SLA* (Arbor basic support is 24 hr response) (*within working hours)
    • 99% of calls responded to within 4 hours
    • 94% of calls responded to within 1 hour
  • SIMS FMS Support to run alongside Arbor Support (may incur additional cost)

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Support for all school staff.
We are available
8am - 5pm
Monday - Friday

Thinking of moving MIS? Contact us to find out how School ICT can help

In April 2021 Birchfield stopped using SIMS and migrated over to a new MIS called Arbor. I was reluctant to move, purely because I didn’t want to lose the support we received from School ICT. Luckily for Birchfield, School ICT were also becoming accredited and have been able to continue to provide us with support for Arbor!
We migrated over to Arbor during the Easter break and went live on the first day back. I can honestly say that without the support received from School ICT we would have been up the proverbial creek and probably bald from pulling our hair out trying to figure things out; Arbor is great, but sometimes a little help is needed.
I cannot recommend School ICT highly enough for the support, friendliness, professionalism and forgiveness (when I’ve asked a stupid question or made a silly, obvious mistake), but most of all for always being able to sort out a problem or give me an answer, even if the answer is ‘it can’t be done!’.
Please be certain that if you are thinking of moving to School ICT for MIS support, you will be in safe hands; they are knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Shirley Wharton - Office Manager, Birchfield Primary School, Leeds

The support we received from School ICT during our Arbor set-up and launch helped us enormously.
During the set-up process School ICT were available over the phone, as well as on-screen to help guide us through any queries/problems that we had, we had a named agent who we could contact at any time and arranged meetings online where School ICT talked us through/demonstrated what we needed to do.
When we launched Arbor we used the whole School ICT team, either over the telephone, email or remote support sessions, who were all on hand to guide us through the quickest and easiest ways to find things or set things up.
School ICTs response time is fantastic, dealing with most queries straight away. Having such good virtual support has taken away the fear factor of moving to a new system, as we know we're not alone when unable to find things or get to things the quickest way. School ICT make it so easy - an agent can log on remotely to our system and talk us through what we need to do/or where we need to go.

Lisa Kingdom - Administration & Communications Manager at St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic College, Bradford

School ICT provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support our transition from SIMS to Arbor. They were always on hand to answer any questions and talked us through the whole training process. School ICT was undoubtedly key in ensuring the smooth transition between the two MIS programmes. I would highly recommend School ICT to anyone starting this journey.

Hayley - PA to the leadership team, Hunslet Carr Primary School, Leeds

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