Technical Support

Technology – always available to support teaching and learning

We understand that teachers want to access stable and reliable technology and make this available to their pupils when necessary to support learning. Our objective is to provide our customers with technology that can be used with confidence whenever it is required. To achieve this objective we provide a mix of pro-active maintenance and reactive support, delivered by a highly experienced team of education IT engineers. The service is supplemented by the provision of access to an education ICT consultant with a teaching background, combining both technical and teaching and learning support.

All of our technical team have a background of working in the education sector and our service is dedicated purely to schools. Our friendly approach simply gets the job done, quickly, without the need to baffle our customers with technical jargon.

The ICT hardware and technical support service ranges from the supply and installation of new hardware and software to the routine maintenance of peripherals and network infrastructure implementations.

School ICT Services also offers regular technician visits to your school at a frequency that suits your requirements. Our service is flexible and adaptable and is built around forming close relationships and partnerships with our customers.

Our technical support team work together with our SIMS Consultants to provide our customers with an integrated support service. Our experienced education technical engineers provide support on the following:

SIMS Server installations
and data migrations

SIMS workstation installations and maintenance


Management of SIMS upgrades and patch deployment

General SIMS
technical support

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