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Bromcom – Spring 2023 Census Guidance

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Dear Colleague

Could I please draw your attention to the following important school census information this is based on current guidance. If there is additional information, we will make customers aware via email as well as updating the news section on our website


Full guidance on running the return can be downloaded from the customer portal:-

How has the School Census Return Changed since last year?

Census Date 19/01/23
Item Date From Date to Notes
Attendance 01/09/22 31/12/22
Suspensions and permanent Exclusions 18/04/22 31/12/22 2 Terms collected
Free School Meals 07/10/22 19/01/23
Leavers with attendance 01/09/22 31/12/22
FAM 01/08/22 19/01/23
Leavers with exclusions 18/04/22 31/12/22
Leavers with funding and monitoring 01/08/22 19/01/23
Leavers with alternative provision 01/08/22 19/01/23


Alternative Provision Placement

For school collecting Alternative Provision Company Number and Alternative Provision Placement Postcode these new items will be collected from the Spring Census 2023 See DfE guidance on Alternative Provision Setting Type here.

For the Spring 2022 Census the DfE added two new voluntary modules to collect data on Alternative Provision (AP) placements, see DfE guidance on changes here.

These Modules were voluntary as of the 2021/2022 Academic Year, but will they become mandatory from the 2022/2023 Academic Year onwards and have been added to the system as two Panels.

  • The Alternative Provisions Panel is found via Students>View Student Details>Enrolment and should only be visible to Schools who have their school phase set to PRU within Config>Administration>Characteristics.
  • The Alternative Provisions Details Panel is also found via Students>View Student Details>Enrolment and should be visible to all Schools regardless of the School phase set within Config>Administration>Characteristics


Young Carer

This new item will be collected from the Spring Census 2023. See here for DfE guidance on the Young Carer Indicator.

This item records whether the pupil has been identified as a young carer and by whom. The Young Carer indicator is found in Students>View Student Details>Edit Student Details.

Click on the pencil by the student’s name then add the information in the Additional Details tab (see below):

Bromcom 1

Bromcom 2


The permissions required to run and troubleshoot the Census are found in the Census Module of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions. Select the Role then go to the Census Module Each tick box on the right determines which functions are visible/available on the page for users with the selected Role.

Bromcom 3

To run the Census go to Modules>Census>School and select New to start the return

Bromcom 4

Select the school time based on the DfE specified time as below:-

Bromcom 5

Known Issues

Error 3131 – This error is not being returned when it should. This a known issue from the DfE which affects PRUs only. Bromcom are awaiting further guidance.

Error 5236 – This is a potential Bromcom error and is currently being investigated.

Query 2379 – This query is not being trigged when it should be. Bromcom are currently investigating. This affect PRUs only.