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Consolidated Database Patch 2 – Spring Census 2021

By 21st December 2020No Comments

Capita has identified an issue with School Census Spring 2020/21 due to incorrect attendance codes being used during the Autumn term 2020/21 by schools. Due to the DfE change in guidance from the Autumn term onwards schools should be using codes I or X to record COVID related attendance as per the below DfE guidance. Schools should not be using the temporary codes 7, 8, 9 or the Y code for COVID related absence.

Consolidated Database Patch 2 has been created to remove this mapping. It is advisable for all schools to apply this patch following the autumn release of SIMS to ensure compliance. Applying the patch will cause no harm where schools have followed guidance correctly and not continued to use the temporary codes.

This patch is in development however we will notify all schools of it’s release via SOLUS3 as soon as possible.

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