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CTF file from the DfE for the KS2 Results import

By 5th July 2022No Comments

Dear Colleague,
We wanted to ensure you were aware of a nationwide issue with the CTF file from the DfE for the KS2 Results import. We would hope the DfE will be reissuing the file. However, in the meantime our consultants here have been working on creating a fix for our customers. I am pleased to announce we have come up with a fix for this issue internally preventing the need to wait for the DfE to produce a new file. This is as follows:

  1. The KS2 file should be renamed to xxxxxxx_KS2_xxxxxxx_022 where the x’s are the DfE number of the school. For example it should look like

2. Open the file in Notepad by right clicking on the file and selecting open with Notepad. The following should be removed and added.

<DocumentName>Common Transfer File</DocumentName>
<DataDescriptor>KS2 assessments for STA</DataDescriptor>
<SupplierID>Primary Assessment Gateway</SupplierID>

We appreciate that this is quite a complex fix and are happy to remote in and assist colleagues with this. As you can imagine this issue has created an unprecedented pressure on our helpdesk so we appreciate your patience as we work to help all customers.

Please log a call with the helpdesk for any assistance either via the portal or via 03452226802.