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Fileset News

Fileset 1705 is now available on our customer portal and via SOLUS3. Unfortunately the guidance on what fileset 1705 will do changed today. We can now confirm there are improvements for English schools. We can only apologise for this confusion but it is in the hands of the DfE and Capita who are changing their guidance.

Fileset 1705 provides the following changes compared to Fileset 1704: Capita now advise all schools to use this Fileset for creating their census.

  • Attendance Collection 2020 (Maintained Schools in Wales) Cancelled by the Welsh Government.
  • CES Census 2021 (Catholic Schools in England and Wales) No change.
  • DENI Returns 2020 (Maintained Schools in Northern Ireland) No change.
  • NDC 2020 (Maintained Schools in Wales) Cancelled by the Welsh Government.
  • PLASC 2021 (Maintained Schools in Wales) No change
  • Post-16 Returns 2020 (Maintained Schools in Wales) No change.
  • School Census Autumn 2020 (State Schools in England) No change.
  • School Census Spring 2021 (State Schools in England) Version 2021.1.4 of the DfE validation files & Version 2021.1.4 of the DfE summary report files. This will also trigger errors 2265 & 2280 for incorrect information recorded against an exclusion. We therefore advise schools to apply this fileset to check their exclusion information and update the summary. Otherwise it may trigger these errors once uploaded to collect.

Fileset 1706 is not yet available however, we only recommend that this is required for schools with early years pupils.

The DfE have provided an amended version of their validation and summary report files to update the ‘date of birth’ ranges for Table 7 (Early years pupil premium for nursery schools) and Table 8 (Early years pupil premium for non-nursery schools). These new validations will be provided via Fileset 1706. This new Fileset will be made available as soon as possible after Census Day. However, the data submitted within the census file is not impacted and will be as entered in the Early Years panel of the School Census Spring 2021 application.  This can be verified via the the EYPPR (Early Years Pupil Premium Receipt) report.

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