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By 11th October 2022No Comments

Dear Colleague,

We would like to draw your attention to 2 possible issues when generating the Autumn Statutory Return.

  1. Suspensions in the Autumn Statutory Return

ESS have identified an issue with some suspensions not being included in the Autumn Census statutory return.  This is not for all suspensions but just in the following scenario:-

  • A pupil has a suspension recorded between 01/01/22 -17/04/22 AND
  • Pupil left school between 01/01/22 and 17/04/22.

In this example below the pupil had a suspension recorded on 15/03/22 for 2 days

He subsequently moved to another school on 31st March i.e., before the 17/04/22 and at present the exclusion is not being reported in the data return as below

We would therefore recommend that you check these reports to see whether this issue affects your school by running the attached report and comparing with the detailed Exclusion report in your census. To use the report please download form the portal VIA to your desktop then import into SIMS via Reports/Import and then select Reports/Run Report/Student/Exclusions between dates.

This issue will also be highlighted if you have submitted your data to COLLECT and have received the query TONT14C

To correct this issue ESS are developing Consolidated Database Patch 2 for the Summer Release 2022 which we will let you know as soon as it is available.

  1. Post 16

Where a student has a missing reason for withdrawing from one or more of their learning aims, clicking on Calculate Programme of Study will fail with a ‘Subquery returned more than 1 value..’ error message. This will also happen if Calculate Program of study is clicked when multiple students have been selected and one or more of them has one or more instances of missing reason for withdrawal (England)

Consolidated Database Patch 2 will ensure that clicking on Calculate Programme of study will not fail when one or more pupils have one or more learning aim withdrawals with a missing reason for withdrawal.

Please be advised that if neither of these issues are affecting your school then you can proceed with authorising your return.