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Preparing for the New School Year in your MIS (SIMS, Arbor, ScholarPack, Bromcom, Integris)

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To support you in preparing for the new academic year in your MIS system, we have put together some guidance to help you, please see the relevant MIS section (SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom, ScholarPack or Integris) below: –

End of Year Consultancy Service

Did you know we offer a (chargeable) service where we can complete the end of year processes in any MIS for you, to save you time and stress?

Please contact or log a call via our portal for more information.



The end of year documentation can be found on our customer portal in the knowledge base, under the category of Admissions and End of Year Procedures.  You should be able to find the documentation and some helpful videos to assist with the various tasks that are necessary to set up your new school year.  The folder also contains our webinars on top tips for the end of year, if you missed them or want a refresher.  These end of year tasks must be completed before September 2024.

We also create quick guides for a reminder of which tasks need to be carried out, please access via our customer portal  If you don’t have a login for the customer portal please register on our website or contact us on 0345 226802 and we will set you up.  If you have forgotten your password you can ask for a password reset on the website.

Top Tips                                                                                                            

  • If you are a school who has a 6 term academic year, please remember when creating your new academic year that you do not need to set up half terms.  If you need any assistance please call the helpdesk.
  • In September remember to change your academic year on your SIMS homepage to reflect the new academic year, as well as admitting pre-admission pupils when they begin school.

It is also a good time to carry out the following housekeeping tasks:

  • Update Mailing Point and reset parental ballot flags and update name formats –Tools | Housekeeping | General
  • Delete unlinked contacts – Tools | Housekeeping | Delete unlinked contacts
  • Update salutations – Routines | Pupil | Update salutation
  • Tidy & Merge addresses – Tools | Housekeeping| Bulk Address Tools | Tidy and Merge Addresses.

We offer a free housekeeping distance learning short course which can be found on our website


We are running the following online training courses to assist with the end of year processes. If you have not completed the end of year procedures we strongly recommend attending as some processes once complete are difficult to reverse.

  • Preparing for a New Academic Year – Primary 04/07/2024

Please book early to avoid disappointment:

If these dates do not suit we also have a distance learning offering where you can complete the course at your own pace. This is available to order here



The end of year handbooks for Arbor are available here:

Arbor Webinars

Arbor webinars on the end of year processes are available here:


It is also a good time to carry out the following housekeeping tasks:

  • Use the Data Quality Dashboard to start your year with clean quality data
  • Check Current & Guardians
  • Check Current & Future Students
  • Check Current & Future Staff as well as the School Work force Census
  • Resolve duplicate records

Carrying out this house-keeping at the end of term or over the summer will save time in autumn term and cut down on errors and queries in the autumn and Work Force Census returns.


Please ensure you check the requirements for importing your timetable in Arbor Community. It is a different process when importing from Timetabler to importing a timetable from Edval.

Staggered starts - If you have students who don’t start right away take a look at this article:Staggered Start Dates

Timetable periods can be used to help align your attendance marks into set groups. If you want to use this feature again, you will need to set them up by following the instructions in this article.

Post 16 Schools – Programmes of Study and Leaning Aims

Programmes of study can be used by Post-16 institutions to record their year 12 and year 13 student’s courses and which course is their Main Programme, detailed can be found here:

Programmes of Study and Core Learning Aims for Post-16

Reminder: You must set up a new programme instance for each cohort of students, eg BTEC L3 Hospitality and Catering is a two year qualification, so the instance is set up for a two year period, 2023-2025, when the current year 12 students move into year 13, then a new programme instance would need to be created for the new year 12 students 2025-2027.

Please note adding a course to a programme instance does not automatically enrol students into the programme instance.  Only students enrolled in the programme instance will feature in the calculations used for funding.

When students have finished their programme then they must be marked as Completed. This can be done via Bulk Complete.

If a student withdraws:

If any students are enrolled in the course the programme is linked to, you can choose what to do with the student’s enrolment into the course:

  • Withdraw from programme only– students will be withdrawn from the programme but will remain enrolled in the course and class registers.
  • Withdraw from both– students will be removed from both with the end date for the programme withdrawal applied to the course as the last day the student will appear in class registers.

Assessments – Copying Over Assessments 

If you used Arbor Assessments this year, you’ll need to copy over your setup to next year.  Take a look here for how to copy over your assessments.

Data Collection Policies are linked to the Assessment policy.  Because you need to select the assessments to create or copy over each year, you also need to define your Data Collection Policies each year if you use them at your school.  You can see how to add Data Collections here.


If you’re currently using  Behaviour in Arbor you’ll need to copy over your setup to next year. This means setting up your detentions and detention slots along with Internal exclusions, guidance can be found here.

Using behaviour for the first time?  Take a look here for how to:

  • set up your behaviour policies for the first time if this is your first year using Arbor
  • schedule your detention and internal exclusion sessions if you used behaviour in Arbor last year

Please see Arbor’s handy check list when completing your New schools year setup here.



You cannot complete the year end processes until the last day of the summer term and after the PM register has been taken.  However, there are aspects of the year end process that you can start before the last day of the summer term which this guide covers.

There are six essential Steps (1-6 listed below), which need to be completed and a 7th Step which is optional.

Guidance split up into the 7 steps 

The process is a linear function and each section needs to be carried out in the order indicated.

To start your Year End procedure go to Admin > Year End.

Please see the Year End Webinar using the below link. This will take 45-60 mins.



End of year Guidance for Bromcom can be found using the below link:

End of Year Guidance

There are various downloadable guides that cover the whole end of year process,  and other useful links such as previously recorded online training webinars along with guides for other tasks that can be done this time of year.

You can  Book onto End of Year Webinar or Attend drop in session  if you have questions after attending the webinar.

Below is a shortlist to more commonly used guidance, with many more available on the main end of year page. 



Check/Resolve N and * Attendance codes

Make sure that attendance records for all Current roll students are complete, and all unmarked and unresolved absences have been resolved. Guidance can be found here:

Task 1 – Setup Student Groups and check Attendance

Create a new academic year

From the Modules menu choose General and then School Diary. The School Diary screen is displayed.  Guidance can be found here:

Task-2- Create the New Academic Year

Setup required destinations/previous schools

Before setting up your leaver’s destinations and leave dates, you will need to confirm you have the relevant schools in your Other Schools List in Modules General Parameters Other Schools.  If you need to add a school, click the + icon to add.

See Other Schools parameter list for more details.

Set Leave Date and Destination for School Leavers

Before running the End of Year process, it is important that the leave date for leavers is set to the last day of the current school year and the destination is set. Speed Edit is the most convenient way to do this.  Guidance can be found here:

Task 3 – Set Leave Date and Destination

Setup Required Classes

Guidance on setting up classes/renaming classes can be found here:

Task 4 – Setting Proposed Year and Class for Current students and Leavers

There are a number of reports users can print once they have entered all the proposed years and classes. The easiest one to employ is the report showing the current year/class and proposed year/class.

  • From the Modulesmenu choose Administration, Year End.
  • From the Year End menu, choose Reports Showing the Proposed Year/Class.
    The ‘Year End – Reports Showing Proposed Year/Class’screen is displayed.

Task 5 – Produce reports showing Proposed Year/Class

Process the Year End

  • The earliest dateyou can run the End of Year process is the last day of the summer term /current academic year, after the last attendance session has been recorded.
  • The latest dateyou can run the End of Year process is the first day of the autumn term / new academic year, before the first attendance session has been recorded.
  • Before you proceed, check that you have completed Tasks 1-5.

Task 6 – Process Year End

Check Year End has Completed

The Year End process will carry out the data changes below:

  • Move students from their current year and class into those proposed within the ‘Assign individuals to Year/Class’ window.
  • Any students in the Leavers’ Year Group will automatically move onto the Former Roll.
  • Select a new school year (that you will have created before running the Year End in the School Diary) that will be the new current school year.

Guidance can be found here:

Task 7 – Check Year End has completed

Start of Year Checklist

If you are completing this section immediately following Year End, please ensure you have logged out and back in, otherwise you may receive an error when you move your admissions to the current roll

Guidance can be found here:

Task 8 – Start of Year Tasks

Step by step instructions are also available from our customer portal: