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SIMS FMS and CFR Reporting

By 31st March 2021No Comments

Important information for users of the SIMS FMS module

FMS Maintained Schools only

Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) Spring 21

All the CFR reports have been updated to display the correct financial year. Additional

income rows have been provided for I18 – Income from additional grants for schools, as


  • I18a – Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
  • I18b – DfE grant scheme for exceptional costs due to COVID-19
  • I18c – Other COVID-19 related grants
  • I18d – Additional grant for schools.

On upgrade, any ledger codes previously mapped to I18 are mapped automatically to

I18d for 2020/21.

Additionally, all validations have been updated in line with recent DfE specification updates.

These changes are included in the Spring 2021 release of FMS (6.198). If you require the upgrade to be released to your site, please open a helpdesk ticket on 0345 2226802 or email

You can check the version of FMS by going to Help | About SIMS FMS Module


Potential issues to the CFR after upgrading FMS to 6.198

We have identified a potential issue that will affect the CFR return for the 2020/21 financial year.

FMS Maintained Schools only

The upgrade once applied, will create new CFR Income categories under Tools | General ledger setup | Tab 8: CFR Mappings. I18 will be replaced with 4 new categories I18 (A to D). All ledger codes previously mapped to I18 will be remapped to I18d.

We have identified an issue once upgraded that will reset to 0.00 any Fund Allocation values that were previously CFR apportioned to CFR Income code I18.

This may not affect every School.

This can be checked by going to:

Focus – Budget Management – Fund Allocation – Open Row 1 e.g., School Budget Share.

Tab: 2 – History.

If you CFR has been affected, you will need to compare “Amount” and “CFR apportioned” columns or look for 0.00 in the “CFR apportioned” column only.


“Double click” to open the affected row to view detail.


I18 code and any historical values no longer show.

Capita are aware of the situation and we await their advice.

If you think you have been affected by this following the upgrade, please log a support ticket via