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Secondary School Spring release

By 6th April 2022No Comments

We have authorised the SIMS Spring Upgrade via SOLUS3 for all Secondary Schools. We have attached the release notes which includes a number of new highly requested features including:

  • Codes over a date range (Subcodes) – Report
  • Attendance Analysis Reports include X
  • Funding and Monitoring included Person Data Output Report
  • Conduct Summary includes leavers
  • UDF included in Student List Reports
  • Enhanced security for permissions.

You are receiving this email as the designated central contact for your establishment. This email is aimed at the technical department in school and we would therefore be grateful if you would please forward this email on as required. If you have no technical staff please call the Service Desk for assistance.

The software authorised:-

SIMS Spring 2022 Full Release (7.204)

FMS Spring 2022 Full Release (6.204)

SIMS Discover 2022 Spring

The above list is available dependent upon the modules utilised by the school.

If you cannot see the releases then please call the helpdesk. For any new supported customers joining our service please ensure that your school has informed ESS that School ICT Services is undertaking support on your behalf (this process is included in the welcome pack we provide to new customers). This will ensure that we are able to deploy patches and upgrades to your establishment centrally through our online ESS management console. If you are unsure if you have done this, please give us a call and we can confirm for you.

As usual, prior to performing any upgrade, please ensure that you have a successful back-up of your SIMS system. We have found we receive a number of calls with issue where SIMS does not update or open on the SIMS server following an upgrade. Please ensure that if you have any third-party apps that link to SIMS these services are stopped prior to running the upgrade to ensure that SIMS updates on the SIMS server.

The most successful upgrade deployments occur when all relevant workstations are left switched on but logged out of SIMS. Ensuring that all users have logged out of SIMS prior to the upgrade taking place will help to reduce residual problems. If upgrading overnight, please be aware that workstations that are switched off may fail. If this occurs, please download the upgrade again and re-deploy.

If School ICT are undertaking the upgrade on behalf of the school, please call or email our helpdesk to arrange a convenient date and time, giving as much notice as possible to ensure we can meet any specific requirements. We usually advise for this to be scheduled when your IT support are onsite.