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Any validation errors for Post 16 are traceable

By 27th September 2021November 23rd, 2021No Comments

In order to be certain that any validation errors for Post 16 are traceable.  After applying any fileset, schools should:

In SIMS, go to:

Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Post 16 Programme of Study

  • Click  Reset All Programmes of Study
  • Click Refresh
  • Click Save
  • Select all students and click Calculate Programmes of Study, complete any red boxes with the status if necessary.
  • Recalculate or enter the hours as necessary

A number of questionable validation errors have arisen since some of our schools have applied Fileset 1903.  These have been reported to ESS and include:

1897 – This is being returned for Y13 leavers – it is because the Programme of Study is collecting the hours from the courses.  We have notified ESS.  This may be fixed by Fileset 1904 but we are not completely sure yet.

Where this is being returned for Y11 leavers it is a definite problem with the fileset.

2887,2888,2903,2907 – these are being returned for Y11 students and is incorrect – we feel this may be fixed by fileset 1904 but await news from ESS

Errors 2341 (Postcodes) again is a problem with the fileset

Errors 3005/3015 (Prior Attainment) is a problem with the fileset.