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Update from ESS regarding the Post 16 Census

By 29th September 2021November 23rd, 2021No Comments

Please note the following update from ESS regarding the Post 16 Census

Added 29/09/2021 00:50 Validation rules 3005 and 3015
Please note that we have contacted the DfE to let them know that we believe that there is a mistake in their coding of validation rules 3005 and 3015 when dealing with pupils who left the school during academic year 2021/22 when they were taught in year 12 or above. The coding of these validation rules has not changed between the base release of the DfE validation files (version 2122.1.0) and version 2122.1.1 of those files. This means that applying Fileset 1904 will not solve what we believe to be a DfE coding mistakes for these two validation rules and we are sorry if you have received any communication that indicates that Fileset 1904 solve these problems