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Attendance Patch

By 12th February 2021No Comments

We wanted to make schools aware of a new patch that will help schools to monitor COVID related absence. The SIMS Autumn 2020 – Consolidated workstation patch 3 – Attendance subCodes patch will break down the I and X code into subCodes. The statistical meaning will remain the same for the I and X codes but it will allow schools to monitor this in more detail and assist with filling in the DfE daily attendance spreadsheet.

Code I

  •  I01 – Illness
  •  I02 – Illness – Confirmed COVID-19

Code X

  • X01 – non-compulsory school age
  • X02 – Self-isolating – COVID-19 symptoms
  • X03 – Self-isolating – COVID-19 contact inside school
  • X04 – Self-isolating – COVID-19 contact outside school
  • X05 – Quarantine – self-isolating
  • X06 – Shielding as advised
  • X07 – Government advice not to attend.

The patch has been released to all schools via SOLUS3. As a workstation patch please note it will not only apply a database patch but will update each workstation in school.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the School ICT helpdesk. Full instructions on using this can be found on our customer portal

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