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Patch 26816 required for all schools

By 3rd November 2021November 23rd, 2021No Comments

We have released the consolidated database patch 2 (Patch 26816) to all schools via SOLUS3. It is recommended that all schools apply this patch. If School ICT usually manage your patches/upgrades we will release and apply this during this week. If you are unsure who applies your patches/upgrades please let us know and we can try and assist.

Issue: The Workforce Member Payment Details report in School Workforce Census 2021 is very unusual in that the data displayed is generated directly from the SIMS database rather than from the census XML return file.  Collecting the data directly from the SIMS database was necessary in this case, as it contains some data that is not included in the XML return file, but is very useful for schools to understand the context for the data that is included in the return file.

This year the report was causing confusion in that it was displaying details for workforce members who left on or after the continuous contract start date, which it should not display as leavers payment details are not included in the census return file.

Solution: After application of consolidate patch 2, details for workforce members who left on after the continuous contract start date are not displayed.

Issue: Where a member of staff has multiple pay records during the collection period, contract data was incorrectly being included by School Workforce Census 2021 in line with the number of pay records.  Where multiple contract data is incorrectly included one or more times, the following validation rules are likely to be triggered.

  • 4745Q: Member of staff is working more than 48 hours a week. Please confirm if this is true.
  • 6530Q: The same person has a total Full Time Equivalent ratio greater than 1.5

Solution: After application of consolidated patch 2, contract data is not being included in the census return multiple times.

Issue: The following QTS Route lookups are set to ‘Active’ in SIMS, but are not supported by DfE CBDS.  As QTS Route is a ‘Statutory (Fixed)’ lookup, schools cannot set the code to ‘Inactive’.

  • ITEU: Initial Teacher Education – Undergraduate course
  • ITEP: Initial Teacher Education – Postgraduate course

Solution: The patch will set these two lookup codes ‘Inactive’, so they can no longer be selected for a workforce member.