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SIMS – Autumn Census Guidance

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Dear Colleague,

Could I please draw your attention to the following important school census information this is based on current guidance (21/09/22). If there is additional information, we will make customers aware via email as well as updating the news section on our website

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Documentation to assist with preparing and producing the school census can be found on our customer portal via the following links:-

Secondary Documentation:-

Primary Documentation:-

Post 16 Documentation;-

As a customer you can register for an account at If you already have an account but have forgotten your password, please select the reset password option. If you require any assistance with customer portal accounts, please contact the helpdesk on 0345 2226802 or You must be logged in to access information within the customer portal.

SIMS Upgrade and Fileset
You must have had the SIMS Summer Release 7.206 . This can be checked via selecting Help/About

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You will then need to import Fileset 2203 which is currently in development. Fileset 2202 is now available and can be imported to complete a dry run, but it will not be suitable to authorise the return. We will release fileset 2203 via SOLUS to all schools as soon as it is made available. Alternatively, you can manually install by downloading a copy from the customer portal and importing into SIMS.

Instructions on how to do this can be found via:-

Latest Fileset News and download via

Please check that you have applied the latest version of the Fileset before submitting your school census. This can be checked at the top of your census page 

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We will send out a further campaign if there any additional updates available. However, all latest information can also be found on

Changes since last Census
Alternative Provision Placement 

Although Alternative Provision Placement (APP) details are still voluntary for the Autumn 2022 return, all APP data items will be collected on a mandatory basis in the Spring 2023 return onwards.

Post Looked After Arrangements
The following changes have been made to codes and descriptions: The codeset for Post Looked After Arrangements (PLAA) has been extended to include ‘O’ (Adopted from state care outside of England and Wales). The code can be used from the start of the 2022/2023 academic year, for collection in the Autumn school census onwards.
The descriptions of all ceased to be looked after options have been revised:

  • Adoption from England and Wales
  • Adoption from state care outside of England and Wales
  • Special guardianship order (SGO) from England and Wales
  • Residence order (RO) from England and Wales
  • Child arrangement order (CAO) from England and Wales.

Funding and Monitoring
Tools | Statutory Return Tools | Update Funding and Monitoring
Cumulative hours for the Autumn term are collected for the first time in the School Census Autumn 2022 return.
For clarity, the labelling of the previously named School Led Tutoring column has been changed to Tutoring. The rules for this column have been expanded to include externally provided tutoring as well as school led tutoring. This change has also been made in the Funding and Monitoring census panel and the associated detail report. For clarity, the labelling of the previously name Total Hrs for the Acad Yr column has been changed to Cumulative Hrs at 31 Aug.

Please see below an extract from the DfE on how to record tutoring in the census: –
What information to enter in the school census return
For the 2022 to 2023 academic year, the school census will collect data about all tuition provided via the NTP.

In the academic year 2021 to 2022, we only collected data about school-led tutoring in the census. For the academic year 2022 to 2023, any tuition provided via the NTP must be recorded in the census.
This includes tuition delivered through:

  • school-led tutoring
  • tuition partners
  • academic mentors

When completing each termly census, record all pupils who have received tutoring via any NTP route in the 2022 to 2023 academic year, up to and including on the census day. This is irrespective of whether the pupil is eligible for pupil premium.

We will collect data on which pupils are receiving tutoring and also the cumulative number of hours (to the nearest 0.5 hours) the pupil has received since the start of the 2022 to 2023 academic year, up to and including census day.

We advise that tutoring courses for each pupil should be 12 to 15 hours to have a meaningful impact on pupil attainment, however you should enter the actual number of hours provided to each pupil whether this is more or less than the recommended hours. If a tuition session is cancelled (a pupil did not receive tutoring) it should not be recorded in the census.

Pupils who are expected to receive tutoring funded by the NTP but have not started that tutoring as at the census date, should not be recorded as receiving tutoring.”

Just a reminder that full DfE guidance can now be accessed via the link in SIMS on the Statutory Return page

DfE Guidance
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Attendance code X
From spring 2023, this code will no longer be applicable for pupils aged 5 to 15. Regulations for the category ‘Not attending in circumstances related to coronavirus (COVID-19)’ are only in place until the end of the 2021 to 2022 academic year. The X code should not be used from 01/09/22 unless the pupil is not of statutory school age.

Training and Consultancy
Online Training Courses
SIMS Secondary Autumn Census 23/09/22
SIMS Primary Autumn Census 27/09/22
SIMS Post 16 Census 28/09/22 & 04/10/22
Free Webinars
SIMS Primary Autumn Census 04/10/22
SIMS Secondary Autumn Census including Post 16 05/10/22

Booking is available via

Should you need any help or assistance with any of the above please call the School ICT helpdesk on: 0345 222 6802 – Option 1, log a ticket via the Customer Portal or e-mail:

Kind regards,

School ICT.