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May MIS update from School ICT.

We had a record number of delegates attending our Best Practice in SIMS webinars this week with over two hundred bookings for our Secondary session and over a hundred bookings for our Primary session! We hope that those of you who attended enjoyed the webinars and found them useful, if you could spare a couple of minutes we’d really appreciate it if you could complete our feedback form.

For those of you that were unable to attend, the slides and recordings are available to access via the Customer Portal.

Reminder - May Census next week, Thursday 20th May.

Guidance for preparing and producing the census is now available to download on the customer portal ( via Knowledge Base / Categories / Census.

Summer census will only be available after SIMS has been upgraded to the Spring release 7.198 this can be checked via logging into SIMS and selecting Help on the main Toolbar and then About  Fileset required is 1802 which can be downloaded from the customer portal.

Data collection periods for this census are as follows:

Attendance collection from 01/01/2021 to 04/04/2021
Exclusions collected from 01/08/2020 to 04/04/2021
FSM collected from 22/01/2021 to 20/05/2021
Learner Support collected from (secondary schools only) 01/08/2021 to 20/05/2021

Reminder on exclusions

Just a reminder that for exclusions that start on or after 01/08/20 the DfE expects schools to cease the use of ‘other’ for exclusions. This reason will no longer be available in the latest SIMS release.

Independent Study Leave – Summer Term 2021 – Latest Guidance from the DfE

Bulk Address Validation

Did you know that it’s possible to run the address validation in Bulk? Full guidance is available on our Customer Portal under Knowledge Base / Categories / SIMS General.

Staff Performance in SIMS

Did you know there is additional functionality within SIMS for recording your staff Performance information? This allows you to set up the structure of what your school/MAT’s objectives and standards are along with appraisal periods and then set up the Line Management structure.

Middle and Secondary schools £500 (one off fee ESS license fee).

Primary Schools £200 (one off fee ESS license fee).

Opening multiple instances of SIMS

It is possible to have multiple instances of your SIMS database open at the same time. This allows you to compare data more easily. MATs may find this useful to compare different databases within the trust too.

This can be done by editing the properties of the SIMS shortcut by right clicking on this from your desktop, then edit the target to C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net\Pulsar.exe” /MULTIINSTANCE and click apply and ok.

Sims properties 2

Best Practice in SIMS Webinars for Primary and Secondary Schools

If you missed our Summer Term Best Practice in SIMS webinars that took place earlier this week, you can access the slides and recordings via our Customer Portal

Secondary Year End – Sending the Timetable to SIMS for the ‘first’ time

The very first send of the timetable to SIMS is instrumental in setting up SIMS for the next academic year and should have a start date of first day of term (September) and an end date of the last day of term (July).

This sets the end date of classes so that they finish on the last day that students attend in the summer. This means that when memberships are added in Academic Management and the “working academic year” date range is used, that memberships have the correct start and end dates, so minimising problems with attendance registers and course manager. If course manager is correct, then assessment, profiles and exam marksheets will also be correct.

NB: Once the working academic year has been created it cannot be edited.

Secondary Year End – Timetable Levels.

You will not be able to export the timetable to SIMS if classes do not have levels.

These levels are crucial to the setup of other functions, so it is important for these to be accurate, particularly for Post 16 schools.

Levels can be updated using the refresh base data from SQL option from the Data Menu in Nova.

Using InTouch to contact applicants / pre-admission students

Did you know that you can use InTouch to email Parents/Guardians of Applicants, or Applicants themselves?

It is possible to update Primary contacts of Applicants and set the InTouch communicatee box in bulk (this routine is useful even if you do not use InTouch). This is completed Via Tools / Housekeeping / Primary Contact Details Contacts of Applicants, or Applicants once they have a status of Accepted Via Tools / Housekeeping / Primary Contact Details / Students.

Once this information is stored you can email and send attachments or send SMS messages to Applicants or Contacts of Applicants.

Found this useful? Please visit our customer portal and check out the InTouch section where you will find useful videos and helpsheets for InTouch and the various functionalities.

End of Year Procedures

Just a reminder that end of year procedures can be carried out as soon as you know your school diary dates. These must be completed by all schools before the new academic year starts in September. Detailed notes on the procedure are available on our Customer Portal (

We offer training courses on the procedure for new colleagues undertaking this for the first time or as a refresher for colleagues who have completed the end of year before. All our online scheduled training courses can be found on our website: –

Coming soon – Distance Learning Course for ‘Preparing for the New Academic Year’. These are on-line courses designed with flexibility in mind so you can study in your own time, at your own pace.

Teaching Through Technology - Free Half Day Consultancy

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School ICT can support your whole team with training, consultancy and team teaching to maximise the impact that the smart use of technology can provide across all key stages within your school, ensuring the technology you’ve already invested in, is being used to its full potential. 

We are currently offering a FREE half day consultancy with Simon Bradshaw, our Educational Consultant, to create a bespoke action plan for your school. Click here for more information.

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