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Summer Census Guidance

Please click the appropriate link below for the latest guidance: –

Year 1 Phonics Screening

In June 2023, the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test is scheduled to take place for all children in Year 1 in England.

Who takes the 2023 Phonics Screening Test?

The 2023 Phonics Screening will be taken by children in Year 1, the first year of Key Stage 1.

When is the Phonics Screening Test 2023?

Schools have the freedom to choose a day within the week commencing 12th June 2023. As some schools are larger than others, the test can take place on one day or across several days. Teachers will administer the tests within that week and submit results to the Local Authority.

Key Stage Returns

  • Key Stage 1 tests should be administered during May 2023
  • Key Stage 2 tests are timetabled from Tuesday 9 May to Friday 12 May.

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

Schools must administer the check within the two-week period from Monday 5th June.

Thinking of exploring an alternative MIS solution?

If you are interested in exploring alternative MIS solution, our expert team can advise on the best solution for your school.

School ICT work closely with leading providers, namely Arbor, Bromcom, ScholarPack and SIMS. We can help guide you through the migration process and continue to provide ongoing support.

The link below to our previously recorded webinar on moving MIS is below along with a sheet to assist with assessing functionality and cost: –

Arbor  will be running a series of national webinars in early June to demonstrate Arbor MIS which is a great opportunity for any school that may be considering moving MIS to take a look at the system: –

If you sign up to any of the Arbor webinars, please update the last two fields of the sign-up form with School ICT details.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the potential of moving MIS further, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0345 2226802 or via our portal

Customer Information

School ICT Customers:

turn IT on customers:

Our customer portals allow you to: –

  • Log and track tickets
  • Watch webinars
  • Search Knowledge base for information
  • Latest news
  • Remote support

Pay360 Education Payments

We’ve been made aware by some customers that Access Paysuite Limited (a division of Access Group), is discontinuing Pay360 (formerly known as SIMS Pay), from the 31st July 2023.

If this will impact your school and you would like to discuss an alternative solution, please contact us on: 0345 222 6802 – option 4 or call the helpdesk.


Bulk Update

Use Bulk Update to ensure pupil data is up to date prior to returns such as the Census (this can be used for pupils currently on roll and for applicants too!).

Do this via Routines | Student | Bulk Update.

Key Stage Returns – Teacher Assessments will need to be added into the relevant Key Stage Wizard (EYFS/KS1/KS2/Phonics)

Key stage returns are a statutory requirement for schools with pupils with EYFS/KS1/KS2/Reception children, to return assessment data to the LA/DfE.

If it’s your first time doing this, or you’re unsure, we do have a training course to help: Our half day, Key stage returns course is running on the 23rd May and will show you how to import the Key Stage Wizards for the EYFS, Phonics, KS1 & KS2 returns.  It will also cover how to set them up with the relevant pupils and then use the marksheets to record the Teacher Assessments and test results, ready for submission to the LA, as well as additional useful features on the marksheets. This course also covers producing standard reports for parents (MTC reports can be generated too, providing the score has been entered) and exporting and uploading to the document server so they are easily available to view within SIMS.

More details can be found via this link:

Streamline your analysis and save time with our ready built Power BI dashboard focusing on school data

School Overview Dashboard

The School Overview dashboard provides a holistic view of your MIS data – helping you to understand and analyse your pupil data.

  • Understand key information across your school or MAT including attendance data
  • Drill down to individual student, class and year level data
  • Save time producing and manipulating your own reports with our easy to use, out of the box solution
  • Allows for a proactive approach to interventions by identifying trends overtime
  • Analyse different cohorts at the same time such as at key stage, reg. group, year group or vulnerable group

Sims 1 1

Sims 2 1

There is a webinar on this product, which you can watch here:

Have you seen our attendance analysis - Pastoral Genie?

Here are just some of the questions Pastoral Genie answers: –

  • What percentage of your SEN Students are persistent absentees?
  • What was this percentage last year?
  • What percentage of the School’s absence is attributable to the persistent absentees?
  • What percentage of your students received 2 or more Fixed Term Exclusions?
  • What is the total number of days that students were excluded?
  • Who are the FSM Ever6 Students that are persistently absent?
  • What impact do the persistent absentees have on school absence?

Detailed Analysis

All analyses are broken down by key student groups. Including Gender, FSM, Ever6, Pupil Premium, Looked After, EAL, Young Carer, Bursary, SEN, Ethnicity, Year and Reg Groups.

The analysis can be run for any date range within an academic year and provides an in-depth look at attendance and exclusion data. The Analyses is updated when filtering on a Year group, enabling the whole genie to show key groups within a specific year group.

National tables are included, with all school data being compared against these and “traffic-lighted” to enable a clear view of problem areas.

Graphical Dashboard

Provides a clear visual summary of all your data broken down by student characteristic. This can be easily filtered to provide an analysis based on a key group.

This includes:

  • School Absence by Student Characteristic
  • Persistent Absentees by Student Characteristic
  • Traffic Lighted Summary of a School to National Comparison
  • Authorised vs Unauthorised Absence by Student Characteristic
  • Proportion of School Absence by Student Characteristic
  • School Attendance and Persistent Absentee Half Term breakdown by Student Characteristic

Watch the video here for more information:

Sims 3 1

Sims 4 1

For more information please visit:

Did you know?

Showing Accepted Applicants in Registers

You can show your ‘Accepted’ applicants in your registers without having to admit them? This means that new pupils (who are still applicants) will show in the registers in the same way as other pupils, as long as they have the status of ‘Accepted’ in their application. It is also quick and easy to set up!

This is particularly useful for your September intake of new pupils (regardless of whether you are Primary, Secondary, or an All-Through school), as you don’t have to go through the process of admitting your students and then having to delete students who may not turn up, because you can simply ‘Withdraw’ them via the application, which will then remove them from the registers (as they will no longer have a status of ‘Accepted’).

Go to Tools | Setups | Attendance Setup | Module Setup and go to tab 5 – Visibility Switches. Put the tick in the box for ‘Show Accepted Applicants at Take Register,’ and then Save:

Sims 6 1

Now go to Take Register (shortcut as below, or Focus | Attendance/Lesson Monitor | Take Register):

Sims 7 1

Accepted Applicants will be showing in the register.

If you are admin staff and use Edit Marks instead of Take Register, you simply tick the ‘Include Accepted Applicants’ box to get the same result:

Sims 8 1

For further info on this, please go to the helpsheet via this link:

Applicants and Pre-Admissions

While we are talking about Applicants, there are predesigned reports for address labels, etc. already set up within SIMS. Go to Reports | Run Report

Sims 9 1

Click on the ‘+’ to open up the Focus area, and then scroll down to Application:

Sims 10 1

There are a number of reports already set up in here, that link to your pre-admission groups and the information within them.

Alternatively, if you want to create your own labels, there is information on the portal that can be accessed via this link: or we have a Distance Learning Course that covers Mailmerges in SIMS. If you are interested in this, you can view the details here:

As always, if you need any further assistance on any of this, please call the helpdesk on 0345 222 6802 or email


Summer Census Support

Let School ICT support you with your Summer Census return

Let us take the pressure off and walk you through the preparation needed for the Summer census return on the 18th May.

We can carry out the necessary checks alongside a member of your team and then complete a dry run to ensure that all the error/query codes are cleared or answered well in advance.

If it sounds like School ICT could help – please get in touch to discuss your needs further. 

Call us on: 0345 222 6802 – option 4 or e-mail:

Bespoke Consultancy and Training Service

Did you know…our bespoke training and consultancy services are individually tailored to your School or trusts specific needs?

If there’s anything you think we could support you with, please get in touch for a chat or to discuss your needs further.

Call us on: 0345 222 6802 – option 4 or e-mail:

Sex and Gender Updates

To align with the DfE, Arbor have made some changes to the gender field in Arbor.

Please see Arbor Helpcentre article for more information on the updates: Sex, Gender and Gender Identity in Arbor and statutory returns.

There are two key changes: –

  • Relabelling of the Gender field in Arbor to Sex to reflect its existing use in the census
  • A new field on student, guardian and staff profiles for Gender Identity to allow you to select Male, Female, or I prefer to use my own term (with free text for you to record the preferred term to use).

Arbor Insight

Arbor has taken the decision not to produce Arbor Insight Reports or Online Dashboards this year.

Arbor Insight is no longer available to Insight-only customers.

For Arbor customers, you’ll be able to access Insight until Friday 28th of April.

Please see this article for more information on what will happen on this date and the actions we recommend: 2023 Insight and ASP data in Arbor

What else is new?

  1. Previously on the Entries Overview tab of the qualification offering, Arbor showed tick, cross and clock icons. These have now changed these into words (e.g. yellow clock is now Entered Pending Submission). The Entries by Student Group page currently still has the symbols.
  2. Updated and removed the word Statutory, and updated the descriptions of the Attendance KPIs on your homepage, to make it clearer that these have always included guest students.
  3. In the Custom Report Writer, you can now choose to display the Long name, Short name or Value when adding summative assessment columns in bulk.
  4. Email notifications are no longer sent when past cover arrangements are cancelled.
  5. Icons and formatting now display properly in filters on our tables. There’s also a handy Reset button to quickly clear the filters applied to a column.
  6. Arbor have improved the recalculation time for % completion of Data Collections when marks are entered.

New School Year Set up

The new school year set up opened on the 1st May, please see Arbor’s Article  or contact our Helpdesk team to access our New School Year set up service.

Arbor 1 1

Year 2 Phonics Re-check

A report has been created and added to our portal to help you identify which of your Y2 children would need a Phonics Recheck:

Arbor 2 1

You can access this, to download and import into your Arbor system, via this link:


Phonics Statutory Assessment Data

In order to enter phonics statutory assessment data please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment > Phonics.

Scholarpack 1 1


If you don’t have access to Admin and your school has it set up, please go via Workspace > Statutory Assessment instead. For guidance see: Update Settings so Teachers can enter Statutory Assessment Data

In this area a table will appear with all your Year 1 and Year 2 students. You will need to enter the marks for all students in Year 1.

It is only necessary to enter data here for those Year 2 students who are re-sitting the phonics test this academic year.

To enter the phonics mark click into the dropdown, select the mark you require (from 0-40) and you will see a green tick flash up to show that the mark is saved in the Saved column.

Please Note:

The threshold mark will be made available to schools after the end of the test window on GOV.UK. Schools do not need to wait for the threshold mark to be published before submitting their data to the local authority.

Schools are only required to submit the mark (or outcome where the pupil has not taken the test) to local authorities, and local authorities will be required to submit this to the DfE.

The DfE will apply the threshold after the data has been submitted to local authorities.

The ‘Phonics Outcome’ field is to be populated with the following values only where a  pupil has not taken the test:

  • A – Absent
  • Q – Maladministration
  • D – Disapplied
  • L – Left

Outcomes Wa and Wt are not required. However, if these are included in a file returned to the department the file will be accepted and the Phonics Outcome field removed.

If a pupil is absent during the check week, you can administer the check to them later. Any pupil who is absent from school for this entire period should be recorded as absent in the results data.

How Do I Enter Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Data?

In order to enter KS1 teacher assessment data please go to Admin > Students > Statutory Assessment


If you don’t have access to Admin and your school has it set up, please go via Workspace > Statutory Assessment instead. For guidance see: Update Settings so Teachers can enter Statutory Assessment Data

Scholarpack 2

Then select End of Key Stage 1  from the dropdown.

Scholarpack 3

Additional Guidance

DfE Guidance: key stage 1 assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA)

Enter Teacher Test Data

Export Statutory Assessment Data as a CTF

KS1 Teacher Assessments

In this area on the left hand side you have the option to select the components you wish to mark against.


To select multiple components, hold down the CTRL key or CMD key if you are on a MAC, then click on the components

The components in orange are the Teacher Assessments.

Scholarpack 4

Once the components are selected you can enter the result date and year you wish the marks to be assigned against.

Please be advised the ‘Result Year’ is the year the students took the test not the academic year.

For guidance on entering historic data please refer to:

Enter Historic Key Stage Statutory Assessment Data

You then have some options for the Table Format you require:

Scholarpack 5

For data entry‘ allows you to enter the data.

Grid with data‘ shows the data entered already and you then have an option to print the results here if required.

Blank grid‘ can be used if you wish to print off the table and enter the data manually before entering it on the system.

·        Enter the curriculum year that the students are in – in most instances this will be Year 2.

If you have more than one form per year you can also choose to view this by class to enter the data separately for each group, if you don’t select this it will show the whole year group.

Scholarpack 6

Click the tick box to show only former students if you have any off roll students you need to enter data for, this will only show off roll students so you will need to untick this box and then click choose for the on roll students.

Scholarpack 7

Once you select “Choose” you will have a list of all students in the requested year group and you can start entering the data by clicking the drop down arrow and selecting a result (see below for the codes).

Scholarpack 8

When the data has been entered please ensure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page before navigating away

Scholarpack 9


Summer Census - Thursday 18th May 2023

The 2023 Summer Census will be available to run from Monday 1st May.

The Summer Census has a Reference date of Thursday 18th May 2023 and a Return Deadline date of Wednesday 14th June 2023.

Webinars and guidance

You can book one of the free webinars and view guidance below.

Book webinars and view guidance

Primary Data Collections

Primary Data Collections information for Bromcom is available via this link:

The page contains guidance on KS1, KS2 (including the Y4 MTC), Phonics, EYFS and importing KS2 results via CTF.

There are also Webinars on:

  • Tuesday 23rd May 2.00pm-3.00pm
  • Wednesday 24th May 9.30am-10.30am
  • Tuesday 6th June 2.00pm-3.00pm

Click here to register


KS1 & KS2 Statutory Assessment Webinars

RM Integris have recently been running some webinars for KS1 & KS2 Statutory Assessments, with more to come.

The KS1 Webinar can be accessed via this link: RM Integris KS1 Assessment Prep’ Lightning Learning

The KS2 Webinar can be accessed via this link: RM Integris Statutory KS2 Preparation Lightning Learning April 2023

Still to come: –

  • MTC Webinars: 22 – 25 May
  • Phonics Webinars: 24 May – 7 June
  • EYFS Webinars: 7 – 13 June

Upcoming Training Courses

We have a comprehensive schedule of online ‘live’ SIMS training courses along with Distance Learning courses to help you develop your knowledge of SIMS and get the most out of your MIS (Management Information System).

Upcoming courses:

Friday 12th May – Full Day SIMS Primary New Office User
Monday 22nd May – Half Day (AM) SIMS Attendance Primary
Tuesday 23rd May – Half Day (AM) SIMS Key Stage Entry Explained
Friday 26th May – Full Day SIMS Preparing for a New School Year – Secondary
Wednesday 7th June – Half Day SIMS Personnel
Wednesday 7th June – Half Day Arbor Standard Reporting
Thursday 8th June – Full Day SIMS Standard Reporting
Friday 9th June – Full Day SIMS Managing Student Classes and Timetables
Monday 12th June – Full Day SIMS Preparing for a New School Year – Primary

Please book courses via the following link:

For the full range of courses we have running until the end of this academic year – please click the below links: –

May – July Arbor Training Schedule

May – July SIMS Training Schedule


Assessment Tracking and PowerBI reporting with your MIS

Improve Your MIS

Get the most out of your MIS with Assessment Tracking and PowerBI Reporting.

Assessment Tracking – Thousands of schools and trusts want to use their MIS (RM Integris, SIMS) for entering assessment data but are frustrated that it either isn’t flexible enough, or the standard analytics are not comprehensive or easy to use.

Data Entry Using Your MIS – helloData can provide a choice of ready-made data entry marksheets or work with you to construct something unique for your needs within the MIS (or use the markbooks you already have).


Power BI Analytics – Interactive and insightful PowerBI reports for schools and trusts, using the data direct from your MIS. Reports include:

  • Trusts, whole school, groups and individual
  • National data included
  • Trend and cohort analysis
  • EYFS through to Y6
  • Core and foundation subjects
  • Extensive group analysis
  • Attainment and progress

Time and Cost-Effective – Saving you hours of time in number crunching, and considerable money on purchasing alternative solutions. All with the added bonus that you can fully utilise the MIS you already have.

For more information visit:

Schools and Academies Show London - Wednesday 17th May

Saas 2023 ldn b date colour large

We shall be exhibiting at the Schools & Academies Show London next week, alongside turn IT on.

Please come along to stand D10 to say hello and find out about the full range of services we can offer.

Webinar Week Recordings

We had another fantastic turnout for our Summer term webinar sessions which ran from the 24th April – 5th May!

We hope those that attended enjoyed the content delivered – recordings should now be available via the School ICT customer portal:

We would love to hear your feedback on the sessions, along with any suggestions as to how we can keep the content engaging and relevant for future webinars, please use the following link to complete our quick feedback form:


Census, Exams, End of Year… could you do with an extra pair of hands at key times of the academic year?

Working alongside School ICT, School ICT Resourcing place both permanent and temporary specialist support staff into schools.

Candidates are available from a days placement through to a whole school year. All candidates have completed the safer school recruitment process, and have enhanced DBS clearance.

For further information please call: 0113 372 0039 or visit:

As the end of the academic year approaches are you due to retire? If yourself or any colleagues are retiring soon, and would consider working on a temporary or ad-hoc basis, please contact Helen who would love the opportunity to speak with you about the potential of adding you to our candidate list.

Virtual Data Manager Service - Data Genie

3966 virtual data manager additional assets 01

Data Genie – Virtual Data Managers (VDM).

When maintaining your schools data is not possible, our Virtual Data Genie team enables you to maintain, enhance or completely outsource your schools data management, ensuring best practice and continuity of your schools data, at all times. Whether it be a one off to support with a particular time of year such as census or exams, for a short to medium term period like maternity or sickness cover, or if you’re perhaps struggling to recruit – to fully outsource your schools Data Management, we can provide a solution.

“School ICTs Virtual Data Manager service has provided our school with high-quality day-to-day management of core school student data, support to staff and data analysis.

They have seamlessly completed our School census but have ensured that school admin staff understand their role in the maintenance of student data.

The SLT, teaching and support staff are so impressed with the service being delivered and the advanced level of knowledge and expertise that it brings.

Nothing is too much trouble and our VDM has sorted out many of the issues that we had in our MIS that no one else could previously resolve!

The knowledge that the VDM has of our MIS and all its functionality is seriously impressive along with their knowledge of DFE/ESFA rules, regulations and policy changes.

It is like having a Data Manager in the office next door but just online, they respond promptly to emails, request for reports/data and are happy to arrange phone calls or Teams meetings as required.

I can highly recommend the service – give it a try!

Rachel Mowbray – King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth.

For further information on this new service from School ICT, please visit: Data Genie or call: 0345 222 6802 – option 3 or e-mail:

3966 virtual data manager additional assets 05

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